Tired Tech

The only computer that isn’t obsolete is the one that hasn’t been purchased yet. Now, this is obviously an exaggeration, but it isn’t far off. Technology is improving rapidly and it can be hard to keep up with. Copiers and printers are not immune to this. It seems that copiers and printers do a simple task, but the technology that drives this task is constantly updated. Today’s printers copy, print, scan, automatically update, and communicate with they technology around them. Technicians need to update or replace printers in order to maintain this communication. You wouldn’t expect a 10-year-old car to integrate seamlessly with your smart phone; so, why would you expect your 10-year-old copier to integrate seamlessly with your brand-new computer?

3 main reasons to replace a copy machine or printer
  • First of all, parts wear out on copiers. Over time metal and plastic degrade. Parts wear out just by sitting there. Fluctuating temperatures and chemicals in the air affect how long the copier lasts. Manufacturers stop supporting copiers and the parts get hard to find. There is always a point at which the parts just aren’t available anymore.
  • Secondly, firmware needs regular updating. The firmware in the copier tells it how to communicate with other technology in the office. Technology is always advancing and your copier needs new firmware to keep up. Like replacement parts, manufacturers do not release firmware for outdated copiers and printers, and a copier cannot survive in an office environment without these updates.
  • Finally, every generation of copier has new features. From touch screens to stapleless stapling each new feature has its place. These new features can help your business perform tasks in a more efficient manner. That extra efficiency saves you time and money.

As a result of all of these, old copiers are expensive to run. The downtime, lost efficiency, and high upkeep costs make it essential to replace an old copier. So, give Alpha Numeric a call today and we can help you save money with a new copier or printer.

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