Customer Training

Once you hate a copier you will never like it, no matter how well it works. I’ve replaced hundreds of copiers during my 8 years at Alpha Numeric. Staring out in the sales side of the business I never understood why people hated copiers so much. We hear it all the time, this thing just keeps beeping at me, I didn’t do anything it just broke, or my personal favorite, this printer’s name is Bob Marley, because it’s always jammin. Once I moved into training and installation I realized that most copiers are not inherently bad machines, but that the current company they are with did not spend the time to adequately train the staff. Everything in our life requires some amount of training, especially the things that are a little more complicated. There are three main things to learn about a copier

1. How to replace supplies
2. How to navigate the inside of a copier for jams
3. How to tell the copier what to do

Copiers need toner. A decade ago it was a struggle to replace dirty toner cartridges and not get the toner all over the floor and yourself. Over the years the process has gotten both easier and cleaner. Today’s bottles have easy to remove caps and slide into the machine with very few levers, if any, to press. I can’t speak for other brands, but Savin supplies are simple to replace and have directions on the toner packaging.

Copiers Jam. Dealing with everyday wear and tear, toner, and paper dust it is inevitable that your copier will jam. With proper instruction removing a jam is usually pretty easy. Savin copiers give step by step instructions including pictures on the screen. Jams are where service contracts are especially useful because our technicians get a lot of practice and are very good at removing them if the instructions aren’t enough. The most important thing to remember is that paper doesn’t disappear, so if it goes in the machine it must come out one way or another. If the paper tears lay it out on a table to make sure you got it all.

Copiers only do what they are told to do. The trick is being able to communicate what you want. Copier training given by Alpha Numeric is extensive because the better directions you can give the copier the happier you will be. In addition to a complete tutorial, you will also receive the trainer’s cell phone number. I tell customers multiple times to use that number. I can’t fix a copier if I don’t know that it is broken. Once you hate the copier I can’t fix that, so I’d always like a call first.

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